Social Impact of Climate Rules

As part of the Operational Program Prague – growth pole of the Czech Republic, a joint project Social impact of Climate rules was created for teachers and students of primary and secondary schools, supporting the development of competences for sustainable development and expanding the practical abilities of pupils within the framework of the city ​​of Prague.

The teaching program will be incorporated into the methodologies created by the cooperation of professional guarantors and pedagogues and consultations with experts from practice.

The project supports the use of new technologies, reflection on current topics across school subjects and project-based teaching methods. Emphasis is placed on the development of cooperation, mutual respect and critical thinking.

As part of the project, students will create long-term local projects that have a social impact and are an impetus for behavior change.


They demonstrate hydrogen technologies in schools around the world. They distribute didactic materials and promote hands-on education.

The circular economy institute that changes the perception of the world. They try to apply the principles of this economy in practice in cooperation with key players on the market.

Specialists in thermovision temperature measurement. They have developed their own thermal camera together with LabIR® software, which they use to measure optical properties and perform thermographic tests. They actively support education – schools and teachers from practice.

Authors of the world’s first biotechnology that can naturally produce polymers from used cooking oil. The polymer then continues to be used in agriculture, cosmetics and packaging technology.

NTIS Research Center of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. It is focused on the development of the scientific fields of cybernetics, computer science, mechanics and artificial intelligence.

Virtual reality specialists. An independent creative studio that creates custom game and educational software.


Smíchovská secondary industrial school and gymnasium

A progressive public school where people are not afraid to innovate and students are not just passive recipients of information. Pupils, graduates, teachers and social partners collaborate on dozens of projects.

Gymnasium Arabska

The Faculty School of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Arts of Charles University prepares students primarily for further studies at university, develops creative and independent thinking, enables students to self-realize in individual and team competitions and national and international projects.

Barrandov Elementary School

The school emphasizes reading comprehension, which it considers to be the most important prerequisite for success in further lifelong learning. He uses innovative forms and methods of teaching (active learning, mathematics according to Prof. Hejný, genetic method of teaching, elements of critical thinking, project teaching, etc.) and is constantly furthering his education as part of further education for teaching staff.

Vitae School

Life through school, school through life. School as a natural part of life, which brings development impulses into it. School as a welcoming and open place for mutual learning, personal development and self-realization. School as the basis of lifelong learning, which nowadays is full of dynamic changes in the necessary approach to life.