Erasmus +

Youth education on climate rules in context

  • 5 countries
  • 25 schools (5 from each country)
  • 125 students (5 from each school)
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The Climate Rules project day has become part of an international project that aims to kick-start the education of sociaty through global cooperation. We address over a hundred high school students who will develop the topic of climate change, sustainable development, digital competences and entrepreneurship through joint learning.

International events will take place physically in selected countries and virtually for international cooperation.

Students will experience the project day Climate rules and then they will create Climate action plan for their school. The output will be shared within each participating school.

We see the use of the know-how of each of the partners, which can be put into practice within the project, as another advantage of the cooperation.

Bridge Academy, as a Lead Partner, shows strengths especially in the long-term cooperation with children in the teaching of digital technologies. They run a portal for children's education, which is trying to expand within the framework of foreign cooperation.

Nvias brings the Climate rules educational program and experience from working with a target group of people in an international environment.

Deloitte CZ Services is a Czech company that is able to provide connections with other European countries and support the international implementation of the project. In addition, as part of the CzechSetGo! Deloitte is researching the topic of Business Citizenship, which aims to activate companies through networking to actively engage in social issues.

Thank you for the opportunity to push ours boundaries!

team nvias