Climate Rules in an educational project day based on the board game “Masters of the Climate” designed by Tomáš Mrkvička.

The poject day is designed by the author group from nvias.org. You may also know our well established project days “Our Companies” or “AI Discovery“.

Addressing climate change has a great business potential, where new clean technologies and new business models leading to sustainability will be implemented (eg circular or shared economy). We want to motivate young people to invent sustainable businesses with the possibility of new technologies that solve climate problems.


  • Current climate challenges, business potential, social responsibility,
  • Practical testing of technologies – hydrogen technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, ..
  • Competency development. 4C (creativity, team cooperation, communication and critical thinking), impact within information thinking, interdisciplinary teaching
  • Game mechanism: gamification for authentic learning, based on the study of materials and calculation