XMas online day of Climate Rules

 The planned online project day finally found its place in the holiday season. We were lucky with plenty of enthusiastic people who devoted their time to create a great future for our planet and ourselfs.  

All players managed to keep the greenhouse gases at normal level in 2100 and the inhabitants of this planet can live happily! They all preferred cooperation over their own state interests and invested in smart technologies to save the planet, good job!

Online setting

We played the game in the online environment Discord, where participants had all the necessary resources. Each state had its own communication channel for solving technology-related tasks and for devising its own strategy. Common voice channels were used for global conferences as well as strategic negotiations on how to face global challenges together.


As part of the game, the player who is Ministers of Innovation and Technology must select the right technologies to help them meet common goals. Each technology must be certified, which evaluates the proposed way of using the technology to reach economic goals and ensure the living standards of the population. A critical look at the technology is also assessed, and Ministers must explain the benefits as well as potential threats and risks.

At an advanced stage, you need to demonstrate that are capable of mastering technology. An example was a waste sorting program, or energy management game, that helps to understand the importance of the right energy mix.


How did the Information Ministers inform each state during the game about their sustainable development?

We are better every 5 years. Everyone in our game and country is absolutely happy. 

We are pleased to announce that our state has invested in hydrogen propulsion and the development of artificial intelligence.
Thanks to these investments, our economy has moved to a higher level. The mood and average age of the population is also growing, which is very important for the state. Of course, we plan to continue development.

A state that aims for safety and autonomous driving. In addition, we were able to maintain the best economy.

The project was supported by the Pilsen Region from the program “Support for leisure activities of children and youth in 2021” and SIT Port.

Thank you very much

team Nvias